Authentically Imperfect

Stepping away from the oppression of perfection…

Goals Stumble but Do Not Fall!

In my last post I set four goals.  Two related to exercising and two related to writing.  Only one is left unfinished. RECAP I stated my goals publicly (well, in … Continue reading

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Are You Consistently Inconsistent?

I am inconsistent and that’s why I’m a loser. ~~Me I am consistently inconsistent.  In the past, I used my inconsistency as a weapon for self-loathing; which stems from the … Continue reading

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Do You Notice the Change You’ve Made?

It may seem like my disappearance from the blog since January means I abandoned all my goals already.  However, despite not posting, I made major changes that have resulted not … Continue reading

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Do You Compare Yourself to Others in the Gym?

I committed to getting healthy which means exercise.  Ugh.  I never understood those people who love to exercise, which is, no doubt, my big barrier to consistency. However, the biggest … Continue reading

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How Do You Stop Self Body-Hate Until You Reach Your Goal?

Fat and Disgusting In 2007 I argued with my brother.  Usual sibling type stuff, it still happens in adulthood, but it ended abruptly when he said, “Everyone in the family … Continue reading

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So Begins a New Year and a New Journey!

Happy 2015! Now, I don’t know about you, but I am quite happy to slam the 2014 door, nail it shut and burn it down.  I don’t have resolutions as … Continue reading

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